Ada Toilet Seats


Ada Toilet Seats

ada toilet seats

    toilet seats

  • (toilet seat) the hinged seat on a toilet
  • Most toilets do not include a seat. They are available for round or elongated shaped bowls, regular or contoured for more comfortable seating. They also come in many finishes such as wood, molded composition, cushioned vinyl, plastic or polypropylene.


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ada toilet seats – TOTO MS854114SL-01

TOTO MS854114SL-01 Ultramax ADA One Piece Toilet, Cotton White
TOTO MS854114SL-01 Ultramax ADA One Piece Toilet, Cotton White
MS854114SL-01 Finish: Cotton The G-Max System offers outstanding commercial grade technology. This low consumption toilet received high ratings during ANSI/ASME testing at independent laboratories. Designed with a powerful siphon jet flushing action, the bowl offers a large water surface and a 100pct glazed trapway for superior performance. Features: -Ultramax Collection -Available in the Following Finishes: Cotton, Colonial White, Bone and Sedona Beige -Tank cover, fittings, trip lever, and SoftClose seat included -G-Max Technology -ADA Compliant -Large water surface -Powerful, quiet flush every time -Low consumption (6Lpf/1.6Gpf) siphon jet flushing action -Wide, 2 1/8” computer designed trapway -See pdf link for additional information and dimensions Product Specifications

Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School

Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School
Starmer Ranaldi Planning and Architecture, Inc. (sri) is pleased to provide architectural design services for Cocoa Beach Jr. Sr. High School. Our design will include comprehensive refurbishment to correct life safety and ADA code deficiencies, add new student-centered instructional space for the student population, and upgrades to all outdated and/or aging infrastructure and building systems to current Brevard Public School Standards.

The safety of students is a primary concern of sri. Since the campus will be occupied during construction phasing, we will be effectively communicating the conceptual design intent to district/school staff, parents, students, and our consultants so that quality learning environments and life safety standards are maximized.

The renovations and additions to Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr. High School will include: a 4,800 square foot addition to Building 1, which will house an Administrative Center with a covered walkway; and the renovation and expansion of the Media Center to support new Computer Labs, expanded AV storage, and joint-use Conference Room. The 13,000 square foot of remodeling will support two Computer Labs, weight training facilities, locker rooms, and sports training facilities. Additionally, remodeling and modifications will accommodate the ROTC program, Wrestling Room, Girls Locker Rooms, Team Locker Space, P.E. Locker Space, Coaches Offices, Training Room, and ADA compliant Shower and Restroom facilities, Teacher Planning, Concessions, and male restroom. All buildings will receive full data and instructional technology, fire and sprinkler, electrical, HVAC, and ADA Code Compliance upgrades and enhancements.

Specially, major project scope and work include:

BUILDING 1 (A) – Administration and Media
1.Renovation of existing Administration Area
2.Renovation of existing Information Technology/Main Distribution Frame
3.Addition to Administrative Suite

BUILDING 3 (C) – Classroom Pod
1.Renovation of existing Art Classroom, teacher planning area, custodial storage, concessions, and male-group restrooms to support a wrestling room, enlarged concession stand, enlarged male-group restroom, and teacher planning area with restrooms facilities.
2.Renovation of existing female restroom to support new custodial office and storage space.

BUILDING 4 (D) – Classroom Pod
1.Addition to existing weight Room.
2.Renovation of existing restroom off weight Room.
3.Renovation of existing Drama Classroom to support a Business Technology Education Lab.

BUILDING 6 (F) – Music & Female Locker Room
1.Renovation of joint group male/female restroom to support a male-group restroom.
2.Renovation of existing female locker room and wrestling room area to support an enlarged group-female restroom, female P.E. locker room, female P.E. coaches’ office, related ADA-compliant female toilet and shower facilities, varsity female locker room, and training room.

BUILDING 8 (H) – Kitchen, Dining & Male Locker Room
1.Renovation of existing male coaches’ offices and shower/toilet room area to support enlarged male P.E. coaches’ offices and ADA-compliant male toilet and shower facilities, varsity female locker room, and training room.

1.Existing concession stand/ticket booth, press box, and irrigation pump building proposed to be demolished.
2.New concession stand and press box will be constructed.
3.Accessible seating platform will be added to existing home side bleachers.

Blocked Bathroom

Blocked Bathroom
I believe "Disabled Toilet" is a UK term for Accessible Bathroom but someone in the office did ask if this meant there was only half a seat on it…

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ada toilet seats

Moen DN7015 Home Care Toilet Safety Rails, Glacier
Moen DN7015 Toilet Safety Bar/Grip, GlacierSafety, comfort and peace of mind. It’s engineered into every Moen Home Care product made. You can be sure that when you select Moen, you are getting a product that not only meets the ADA’s exacting standards, but yours as well.Moen DN7015 Toilet Safety Bar/Grip, Glacier Features:; Glacier finish for a bright, pure white look; Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty; Two 8″ high armrests for maximum stability; Attractive glacier white, rust?Coproof finish; Designed for easy cleaning